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Preserving the Past to Enhance the Future.

Welcome to SJCEC

We serve to protect and promote the interests of those who value equine ownership and activities as important aspects of our quality of life. We need your interest, your help and your membership to accomplish these goals. If you share these objectives - of preserving an equestrian tradition and lifestyle - please join today. You need not live in San Juan to become a member, just a love of the equestrian lifestyle. Some of our accomplishments on behalf of the equestrian community over the past few years are listed below. Designed and implemented the CERT Large Animal Response Team (L.A.R.T.) Donated and stocked Large Animal Disaster trailer and connex container to aid the City of SJC in future large animal disasters. Funded and organized the Virtual Trail Project for the City of San Juan Capistrano, which has won the prestigious APWA 2009 Project of the Year Award. Sponsored an Economic Impact Report of the Equestrian on the City of San Juan Capistrano Educated City and County officials on the importance of preserving the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park for the next generation of equestrians. Hosted the annual Summer Lecture Series covering a range of topics interesting and importance to the equestrian community. Hosted the 10th annual Barn Dance and Equestrian Fair with our partners Breakthrough San Juan and Special Camp for Special Kids. This year we will be putting on our second Two Stepping Under the Stars event with over 1,000 people attending.

  • Update on Ortega Hwy Construction

    If you missed the Ortega Highway Stakeholder Working Group meeting, you can find the information here.

  • Pictures from Two Stepping Under the Stars

    Our amazing photographer not only donates her time to photograph rescue horses, she came and photographed our Two Stepping Under the Stars event. There are over 300 pictures, so you are almost guaranteed to be in one of them.